Student Dental Care is currently offering Ryerson students a session of in-office teeth whitening at no charge with a teeth cleaning which is covered 100% by your school dental insurance. 

Text or call us 647-993-5100 for full details.

Ryerson students are automatically enrolled in the school dental insurance policy when they pay their tuition and this coverage is active until August 31 EVEN if students are not enrolled in summer classes!

Student Dental Care is a student friendly dental clinic that does all the paperwork required and submits directly to the insurance company. Payment is accepted directly from the insurance company which means NO OUT OF POCKET PAYMENT BY STUDENTS

Call or text 647-993-5100 to get full details on your dental insurance coverage, into on teeth whitening and to reserve an appointment for a fully covered oral health check-up and cleaning.

Check out for bus routes and schedules-our clinic is just 1 bus away from the UTM campus.

Click here to view our location on a Google maps.

In some circumstances, some out of pocket expenses may apply, depending on the availability and terms of the insurance coverage.

DHS is not affiliated with this school. Students should verify the terms of their dental coverage prior to their appointment.