We are offering no charge teeth whitening with a cleaning for all Sheridan students, faculty and Sheridan alumni.

Call or text 647-993-5100 for full details

Sheridan students are automatically enrolled in the school dental plan when they pay their tuition, which includes 2 cleanings per policy year, September 1-August 31.

Student dental care participates in the Student Discount Network program, providing discounts on dental services to Sheridan students, therefore, Sheridan students get 100% dental coverage when they visit us.

We do all the paperwork for Sheridan students and accept payment directly from the insurance company, which means NO out of pocket payment is required by students.

Call today to reserve time for your oral health check-up, cleaning and teeth whitening!

Check out Miway.ca for bus routes and schedules-our clinic is just 1 bus away from the UTM campus.

Click here to view our location on a Google maps.

Covid Update

November 23, 2020: The Ontario Ministry of Health has confirmed that regulated health care professionals including dentists and dental hygienists WILL be open and operating during the grey-lockdown level in Peel beginning on Monday November 23, 2020. In order to keep you and our staff safe we are following COVID Precautions. Please complete our patient screener